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The Power of Plant-Based Medicine

Forces of Nature's range of homeopathic treatments is the world's first, and only collection of medicines that has been certified organic.

organic Organic Medicine Why it Works Forces of Nature has created a revolutionary line of natural medicines that you can truly trust for safe and effective results. Why? Because we are the first and only medicine manufacturer that has combined the FDA approved homeopathic medicine with certified organic botanical oils to create our Control line. All of our treatments are:

Our organic remedies use exclusive natural formulas that combine potent, condition-specific homeopathic medicines with soothing, essential oils, so you experience fast, deep-healing results.

Products from Forces of Nature set the highest pharmaceutical standards with doctors, biologists and industry experts. Bio-technicians supervise all medicine production in our laboratory which adheres to strict FDA and USDA guidelines. We also conduct microbiology tests on all finished product batches, to ensure product purity and safety for you. Medicine batches that pass these microbiology tests are then released to pharmacies and retail outlets, and available on our website.

High Quality
Our founder identifies, inspects and sources the best certified organic ingredients from across the world. He ensures that all ingredients are harvested at their peak medicinal concentration and rejects those that aren't. The selected ingredients are then air-shipped to our laboratory in California, where they are re-tested for purity and potency.

At Forces of Nature we use only Certified Organic medicinal plants for each and every product so no toxins, pollutants, or pesticides can enter your body. This not only ensures you receive the highest quality product ingredients, but also the maximum therapeutic effect.

Doctor Recommended
Products from Forces of Nature are the only line of Certified Organic homeopathic medicines that have been approved for over-the-counter sales. Our medicines are available online and available in retail stores nationwide, including Whole Foods.

We are passionate about offering holistic, plant-based medicines that are better alternatives to chemical based drugs, spending 11 years developing and gaining approval for our Control line, so that our customers receive the best possible alternative medicine treatments.

As we want everyone to have access to safe and effective medicines, we sell our products in five different languages and in ten different countries around the globe.

Forces of Nature really is Healing the World!