A Message from our Founder

"When you have choices, you have freedom and power. Freedom to take control of your health and the power to improve it."

Peter Klapper, Founder, Forces of Nature

During my many travels, I often interacted with modern and ancient healers. From western medical doctors in prestigious hospitals... to village healers hidden deep in mountain jungles. Through our conversations, it became clear that natural, plant-derived medicines are the best way to treat our body's illnesses.

But I found most of the natural products offered over the counter aren't nearly as effective as they could (or should) be. It's partly because of their inferior ingredients and manufacturing techniques. And partly because of the formula itself.

To provide you a true choice of extremely effective, all-natural medicine, I created Forces of Nature. When you use our products, you make several powerful choices:

  1. To stop chasing symptoms and instead, heal your illness from its core...
  2. To heal your body using the most potent natural medicines available...
  3. To treat the earth respectfully, because our superior organic ingredients also use the best sustainable farming methods.

You now have the freedom to choose.

To free choice,

Peter Klapper