Homeopathy versus Prescription Medicine

What are you putting into your body?

Are you concerned about the ingredients in the food you eat? We are collectively learning to avoid ingredients like aspartame, Monosodium glutamate (MSG), and trans-fats because they are hard for the body to process. The same issues that apply to our diet are of even greater import to our health. What are we putting into our bodies when we are sick, and why?

The following are some points to consider when choosing between a homeopathic or prescription medicine for treating your illness.

  • Homeopathic medicine is based upon a core philosophy and set of principles. Homeopathy recognizes that nature has abundant capacity to heal. It understands that our bodies are naturally capable of healing and regeneration when provided nourishment and ingredients.
  • Homeopathy seeks to heal the root cause of an illness, not just the symptoms. Its goal is to heal, not simply treat the symptoms or "manage chronic conditions". Homeopathy recognizes that there are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components to our well-being. Conventional medicine only recognizes and treats the physical, material side of an illness.
  • "Less is more". Homeopathy aims for minimum doses. It engages to work with the body to fight infections by supplying it naturally occurring ingredients known to work against specific conditions. Prescription medicines typically lead to larger doses – leading to chemical dependencies and possible addictions.
  • Most prescription medicines are synthetically produced – like processed foods. The body has to work harder to process trans-fats as they do not occur in nature. Similarly, synthetic ingredients force the body to work harder when it is already weakened. The consequences can be seen on the different drug warning labels where drug side effects can be worse than the condition being treated.
  • Finally – History. People have been around for a long time. Homeopathic medicine is the result of thousands of years of studies of natural medicine. Most prescription medicines draw upon this same knowledge and try to synthetically mass-produce the most effective medicinal compounds. We can see that the track record leaves something to be desired as frequently what is considered healthy today may not be healthy tomorrow.

We do not live in a petri dish. Everything in nature interacts with the world around it – and adapts accordingly. We live side by side with nature. We've depended upon nature throughout all of our history.

What is better to put on our bodies - a naturally occurring compound delivering a therapeutic effect or a synthetic one? All we need to do is look at the statistics for chemical dependencies, prescription medicine overdoses, drug side effects. Is prescription medicine really interested in your health or maybe making you dependent upon them?

It is ultimately a question of trust. We've been encouraged to eat food that we now know is actually bad for our body. We expect a guarantee when we buy a car or a toaster that it will work. Why then, do we not insist on the same when it comes to our health?

Forces of Nature's homeopathic medicines are guaranteed for a full year. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, return the bottle and we will refund your purchase – no questions asked. Imagine how it would be if every medicine offered the same.