“People are here to help other people.”

– Forces of Nature founder, Dr. Peter Klapper

Once, someone asked company founder Dr. Peter Klapper why he created Forces of Nature.

He simply replied, “Because I’m alive.”

Dr. Klapper believes part of every living being has a responsibility to support other living beings. Much as how plants nourish animals and how humans rely on plants as food and medicine. For Dr. Klapper, this means people should protect the environment. And people should help other people.

Helping other people extends beyond creating medicines that heal. While sourcing medicinal plants worldwide, Dr. Klapper observes ways Forces of Nature can help local populations in need.

Such as during a recent trip in Chiang Mai Thailand, where Dr. Klapper visited an HIV/AIDS orphanage. The children in that orphanage lost both parents to AIDS and had no medical support. With some as young as 6 months old, their immune systems were extremely weak and very susceptible to outbreaks.

“Disease can’t live in a clean environment,” explains Dr. Klapper. So he personally donated, delivered and helped administer over 10,000 bars of antiviral soap and other medicines to the children of 3 orphanages.

“When compared to other, much larger companies, we may not be the biggest donor. But we’re certainly one of the biggest in heart. We really care about helping people.”

Forces of Nature’s humanitarian efforts include:

  • Educating homeless children
  • Providing food, medicine and other supplies to entire communities
  • Financial donations for disease research and education
  • Ongoing Red Cross donations for U.S. communities