Targeted healing through masterful blending

Truly pure organic homeopathic drugs, extracts and essential oils are comprised of a very complex, naturally occurring chemistry. When blending, adding too much of one or too little of another can create something that doesn't work – or worse, something that causes adverse reactions to your entire body.

Making it more difficult, a plant may have several varieties, where one variety is more effective on specific condition than another.

Knowing which plants to use – and blending the precise amounts of each plant and homeopathic drug to create the ideal chemical synergy – is the difference between a lackluster formula and one that gives you nearly immediate relief.

Our chemists and field biologists travelled the world performing a decade of field research with industry masters in USA, Europe, and Asia. By expertly identifying the hundreds of components in each plant, our chemists masterfully blend the most effective condition specific homeopathic drugs and soothing botanicals to create our medicines.

By weaving the complimentary components of Certified Organic soothing botanicals with recognized and established Certified Organic homeopathic drugs, you receive targeted treatments that work fast to heal what ails you, and provide soothing relief.