Advantages of organic plant-derived versus synthetic medicine

Organic botanicals are easier to absorb

Forces of Nature products are composed of Certified Organic homeopathic drugs combined with a Certified Organic concentrated plant-derived botanical formula. This is important because humans and plants share similar biological blueprints.

Next time read the label – you may be surprised to discover what ingredients are in your "medicine."

For example, we’re both composed of elements such as: carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. These similarities are important because each plant contains 300-1000 different naturally occurring chemical components. Hundreds of these components work synergistically together, providing a deep soothing effect.

By sharing similar biological blueprints, our skin readily absorbs all these components for nourishment and healing. And your body embraces these components because they're easily recognized.

Since each remedy combines several botanicals and homeopathic drugs, each concentrated drop contains thousands of nourishing and soothing compounds PLUS recognized homeopathic drugs designed to treat your specific ailment. And all absorbing rapidly into your skin.

What you'll notice is fast-acting, thorough results. All without risk of addiction.


Synthetic remedies are generally designed to mimic naturally occurring botanical compounds. But no matter how advanced the technology, synthetic remedies can only mimic a handful of the components found in plants. This leaves hundreds of other healing components behind, making synthetics potentially less effective. Worse, your body may not recognize these synthetic chemicals and struggle to process them. In addition synthetic remedies are often mixed with petro-chemicals or other highly processed chemicals – increasing the chance of poor absorption, toxicity or side effects.

But many major pharmaceuticals still choose to create synthetic molecules instead of using naturally occurring ones. The reason: they can patent synthetic drugs...but they can’t patent Mother Nature.

Next time read the label – you may be surprised to discover what ingredients are in your "medicine."

Absorption: Synthetics vs. Botanicals

Another problem with synthetic compounds is their considerably higher molecular weight. These larger molecules are difficult to absorb. When you add to this that many medicinal creams are petroleum based, which further minimizes the cream's active components from absorbing into your system, you end up with potentially a low overall absorption rate.

Plant-derived medicines are made of considerably smaller molecules and contain thousands of naturally occurring components. With our medicines your body quickly absorbs and utilizes these compounds, while carrying the homeopathic drugs deep into your skin tissue where it can reverse your health issue from its core.