Our Products Work: Your satisfaction guaranteed

We believe if you don't heal, then we don't deserve to get paid. Period.

These days fewer and fewer companies stand behind their products. We have a problem with that, especially when it comes to medicines – truly important products intended to make you better.

We set our standard higher than any other manufacturer of medicines we know.

In fact we set the quality standard of our ingredients as high as it will go: USDA Certified Organic. This means every step of the process, from growing to manufacturing, has been inspected and verified not just by our dedicated team, but also by the United States Government. It means Forces of Nature has met or exceeded the USDA’s rigorous organic standards. Even our blending and manufacturing facility is routinely inspected and maintains the coveted USDA Certified Organic Facility status. This is your assurance of purity.  

If it just says “natural” or even “organic” without the USDA seal, think twice.

But it goes beyond the USDA Certified Organic seal.  It is about extensive research and developing the critically precise formulations, blends, and proportions of condition specific homeopathic drugs and botanicals for each treatment. In our case 11 years of research and participation by some of the top doctors in this industry.

Our “Control” line of medicines are FDA Registered Homeopathic Drugs. Our blending and manufacturing facility is an FDA Registered Drug Facility. This is your assurance of authenticity.

The Bottom Line

We are so confident in our medicines and supplements that every Forces of Nature product you purchase comes with a 3-month money back guarantee. If for any reason one of our products does not give you results, simply return the used bottle for a prompt refund of your purchase.