Preserving Peak Bioactivity

Providing you peak bioactivity by carefully preserving the plant’s soothing properties

When you use our remedies, you’ll be surprised by how profound an effect they have. One critical reason is we demand the highest quality ingredients and processing methods. This starts from inspecting the purity of the organic seeds planted in the ground, and monitoring the sustainable farming methods used to cultivate them.

Then we harvest the crops when their soothing properties are at their utmost peak. Only using parts of the plant where the compounds are most concentrated.

Similar to how a flower wilts after cutting, a plant's key soothing properties begin fading as soon as they’re harvested. That’s why we never ship crops to commercial distilleries like some manufacturers do. We prefer distilling crops right on the farms while each plant’s benefits are still extremely high.

Something else we do differently: Other manufacturers distill plants for several hours to squeeze out every last drop. This is like overcooking vegetables, which destroys their bioactivity and nutrients.

Instead, our farmers distill crops in small batches for much shorter periods. So we extract just enough of their botanical oils while maximizing their soothing potential. From our hands-on relationship with the growers to our strict processing and testing, we confidently promise you every ingredient in your remedy is the absolute best on the planet.