Assured Quality

From farm to lab, we ensure the highest quality ingredients for the most effective Certified Organic Medicines available

Did you know during travel and processing, organic botanicals often become polluted with added chemicals, pesticides or other toxins? And sometimes, brokers dilute botanical oils to stretch the amount they can sell.

Unfortunately, even respected manufacturers unknowingly use these tainted or diluted “organic” ingredients. This drastically reduces their efficacy and increases your chance of side effects.

That’s why even though a raw ingredient says it’s organic we test every batch before allowing them into our lab. Using gas chromatography, each batch is measured for medicinal potency and purity from toxins, dilution and added chemicals. As you might guess, our purity and potency standards are higher than what most manufacturers accept.

For our homeopathic ingredients, we faced another major challenge: Almost all available homeopathic ingredients are not organic. So in creating our formulas, we work with top homeopathic doctors to source – and in most cases manufacture – our Certified Organic homeopathic materials.

Just as it is for botanicals: The purer the homeopathic ingredient, the more potent the remedy.

By demanding only Certified Organic ingredients with the highest purity and potency, and formulating our medicines in our USDA Certified Organic facility, you receive reliable Certified Organic Medicine that:

  • Work fast
  • Treat and heal
  • Provide soothing relief
  • Are organic and non-toxic