Forces of Nature offers relief for various pain related conditions, such as nerve pain, muscle pain, migraine, joint pain, headaches and gout. The treatments are all 100% natural remedies.

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  • Nerve Pain Treatment

    Fast-acting, long-term relief for painful sciatica and neuralgia Provides immediate relief from shooting pain. Lipophilic treatment penetrates deep in to skin tissue to quiet pain in the nerve endings.Stimulates the body's natural healing power. Anti-inflammatory medicinal plant extracts help decrease the frequency and severity of neuralgia/sciatica...

  • Muscle Pain Treatment

    Treat the aches and pains that keep you from the activities you love. Begins working immediately to ease muscle pain.Highly absorbent lipophilic agents treat both localized and systemic pain, soothing and healing muscles at the source of injury.Helps repair damaged tissue at its source.Medical-grade, plant-based analgesics and anti-inflammatories...

  • Headache Treatment

    Headache Relief - Fast-acting pain relief to safely treat headaches Pharmaceutical strength headache treatment, FDA registered, Immediate Results, Guaranteed This Organic Medicine: Treats and heals headaches fast Provides rapid relief of headache pain Uses a naturally occurring analgesic Delivers deep penetrating action Both USDA Certified Organic and FDA...

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